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Filter to extract all clean water from soda and other drinks

Can somebody create a filter which extracts only clean water from soda and other drinks? No sugar, no colors, no additives. Just pure water. It seems bottled water is more expensive than soda drinks, so, let’s just use a filter.

Crowdfunding or funding the crowds: a new model for the distribution of wealth?

An interesting critique of crowdfunding.

If one actually paid a decent wage to all of the people involved in helping with the campaign, one would be loosing much of the money raised. The production costs of organizing a €10000 campaign will have already used up some of the funds for the project that is to be executed when funded. The actual costs of organizing, raising money and carrying out the campaign are therefore not funded. It is the people who actually do most of the work (the campaigner) who are not paid enough (if anything at all) and then only if the project is successful, i.e. if the amount of funding requested has been raised.

Copyright and patents in the time of crowdfunding

Many things were already said about how Internet makes distribution faster and cheaper and how this is putting under the question rationale for copyright and patents. But Internet through facilitation of crowdfunding is changing also the money flow around the production itself, changing the nature of the investment which arguably has to have a protection of exclusivity to return on the investment. Crowdfunding is changing this because it allows creators to skip the investment-return cycle and directly fund the creation from its users. As such, copyright and patents are obsolete.

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