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Gradual transition to the new global economic system

I wrote about the new global economic system in the past. One property I like is that it provides a simple and gradual transition to it.

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A new global economic system

I am envisioning a new global economic system1 where you do not provide service or goods to another person because they pay you, but because you evaluate how much, which and how they themselves have provided services and goods to others in the past. You announce your availability of a given service or goods to others, interested apply, and based on your values, beliefs, and information about their past contributions, you decide to whom you then provide given service or goods. Such economy promotes balance, is not impersonal and can properly award cultural, artistic, and sustainable services and goods.

If you know Couchsurfing, then this will be very familiar to you. In essence it is a generalization of Couchsurfing model, while thinking about necessary components to make it scalable and distributed.

It was written few years ago, before Bitcoin, which gives even more ideas how such economic system could be technically implemented.

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