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Local cooperation benefits global competitiveness

The basic biological answer is that local cooperation benefits global competitiveness. But that depends on the definition of local, either actual or perceived!

As the Chinese say, in times of small trouble go to the city. In times of big trouble go to the countryside. The rest is commentary!

Answer by Robert Dudley to my question which is more evolutionary “natural” for humans to do, cooperate or compete.

Evolutionary reasons for music and dance

Isn’t it interesting how music and dance are so widespread among human cultures? How music makes us move, how we feel that we should respond to music? But why we feel like that? Do other species have music and dancing as well? Not one which is hard-coded in their genes, but one where they can improvise, be creative, go crazy? Do monkeys sing? Is maybe music the reason why we shaped our language and intellect the way we have? To be able to sign together, to be able to create new music not yet made in the past and impress our peers? To move our body in new ways not really necessary for our survival, in a way maybe none of our ancestors ever moved?