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PiplMesh is a social info portal for wireless networks combining social interactions between users, wireless, mobile and locality-sensitive nature of their connectivity (the reach of what they share is limited by the reach of the wireless signal), and relevant GIS-based information.


nodewatcher is a platform for organic (bottom-up) growing of open networks, a network planning, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance platform.


This Django application provides a push server for Django based on Leo Ponomarev’s Basic HTTP Push Relay Protocol. Useful especially while locally developing Django applications using Nginx HTTP push module.


Django app to store and retrieve URL hash (fragment) based webpage state in MongoDB through Django.

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This Django application bundles some common and useful features which have not (yet) found a way into Django itself.


A plugin for cmsplugin-markup which adds Trac wiki engine support to Django CMS. This means you can have content in Trac wiki syntax with all the power of it – Trac plugins and macros.


An extendable markup content plugin for Django CMS. It allows you to use various markup languages for content.

Plugins for Trac

I made, forked and improved, or contributed to many Trac plugins with emphasis on improving workflow of collaborative processes in projects using Trac to coordinate their efforts.