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Ideal of a economy in the society

I proposed the new global economic system which allows gradual transition from the current system. But to what would such a system lead? What is the ideal organization of economy in the society?

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Data-flow society

I have proposed a new global economic system which, instead of trying to reduce transactions between people to one numerical value (money), stores all information about the transaction itself so that then later on everybody can assign a personalized value to the transaction.

An interesting observation is that we can see people as nodes in a network and transactions between them as connections (edges) in the network. The question is how we define these edges. Do we assign an edge a precomputed simple value, a number, which is made at the moment the edge itself is made. (This is what we currently do.) Or do assign context of the edge to the edge, so that anybody can evaluate the edge by themselves. (This is what I am proposing.)

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Is There Anything Good About Men?

I am not sure if I agree with everything in this essay by Roy F. Baumeister, but it contains some very interesting ideas on sources of differences between men and women in the society.