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Bruce Sterling on startups' role in helping the global rich get richer

Bruce Sterling’s speech from NEXT Berlin is a blast of cold air on the themes of startup life, disruption, and global collapse. Bruce excoriates the startup world for its complicity with the conspiracy of the global investor class to vastly increase the wealth of a tiny minority, and describes the role that “design fiction” has in changing this.

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How to get people to work more than 8 hours a day for you?

If I approached you, the most talented person around, you with great knowledge and superior mind, you who can make any concept into a reality, and I told you that I want you to work for me and develop my idea. I want you to work a lot more than 8 hours a day, let’s say 12, 15? I do not want that you do anything else. You should have have no life, you should more or less live in the office. You should think about the project every moment of your life. Breath the project. Would you accept it? I would pay you as little as possible, just so that you can get through in this expensive city. I will maybe give you 10% of the profits of the company, if we grow really blazingly fast, but if we do not grow fast enough, I will cancel the project and fire you. I would even ask you to invest your own money, and require you to ask your parents, friends, to do the same. Would you accept? You who could work part-time and still earn enough to live a comfortable live because you are well educated and you do not have to search for jobs, because you are getting job offers daily. You can be picky. Would you still choose to work for me instead?

You would. You do. And I will tell you why.

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