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I made an opinionated init specially for Docker containers: dinit. It supports running and managing multiple programs, their stdout and stderr, and handling signals, all in the way more suitable for Docker containers. Using it means no more resource exhaustion from zombie processes, data loss by uncleanly terminated containers, stray daemonized processes that keep running, or hidden issues because failed processes inside a container gets restarted instead of taking the whole container with them.


I made a simple tool regex2json in Go to convert traditional text-based (and line-based) logs to JSON for programs which do not support JSON logs themselves. But the tool is more general and can enable any workflow where you prefer operating on JSON instead of text. It works especially great when combined with jq. I was inspired by this blog post.

JSON decoding in node is fast

I made a benchmark comparing how long it takes to decode JSON in node.js and Go. As I have noticed in the past, JSON decoding in node.js is really fast.

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